Shaolin Kempo Camps

2021 Camp Information:

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About Our Camps

Have fun, train hard!

Our camps are designed for all children not just martial artist that would like to explore the martial arts for the first time or as a continued adventure. Previous camps have been:

– Extreme sports- We invited a snow board expert, a free style motor cross expert, and sky diving instructors who were all members of Master Shover’s Family. The campers took home the memories of dreams that came true for the speakers, and encouragement to pursue their own dreams.
– Mind Like Moon-Drawing from the book Terrance Webster-Doyle, and employing theories and concepts of the martial arts, the kids made a moon to hang in the dojo. They put together a play wherein the story was told and performed. They watched the night sky for the moon each evening now they see it very differently. Our goal was to open their eyes to new possibilities.
– History of the Shaolin (Young Forest) – This has been our favorite camp theme so far. Each day the kids had traditional Shaolin Training the way it is still taught today in China. (Ex.) In postures holding bowls of water for balance, using concentration, breathing, and focus so as not to spill or drop the bowls. Additionally, they gain respect for the children of China who must work so hard each day. We made Yin/Yang necklaces to learn the principle of focused breathing. Each day, for 20 minutes, we watched a Shaolin DVD of the monks in china. (Incredible)

“There are a lot of tomorrows but there is only one today”