COVID-19 Update

We are excited to announce that we have re-opened the dojo to allow in-person classes. We are required to meet the Governor’s guidelines. Please read and understand the bullet points below before attending an in-person class.

  • IF YOU ARE SICK or have symptoms of Covid19 you need to stay home and not come into the Dojo.
  • You (parents of children too) will be required to bring your own hand sanitizer and use it as you enter the building.
  • Come to class in uniform. (anyone that cannot tie their belts should have it on when they get here so we do not have to do it.) If you have no ability to change and come to class in uniform and require the use of the changing rooms here it is your responsibility to wipe down the doorknobs and surfaces you touch (with provided wipes). Gear bags- all gear bags may be left on the main floor under the mirror during class.
  • Everyone will always be observing the 6ft distance rule IN the dojo. Parents we ask that you have conversations with your child/children about this so that they fully understand what this means. We need to be able to teach Kempo and will give them reminders but children that cannot follow the guidelines may be asked to continue Zoom based classes until we can go back to no social distance.
  • Students will enter the dojo and stay to the right to get to the main floor. Students will exit from the hallway between Judan Shover and Master Duffy’s office. Use your sense of awareness and see who is entering and exiting and practice our respect. IF needed wait, be patient, and allow someone to enter or exit before you.
  • Masks may be worn but not recommended for physical workout. With that said, we ask that all parents remain outside the dojo and allow us to deliver your child to the front porch to allow us to be within the capacity order and not over crowd the small lobby.
  • Zoom Classes- we will continue Zoom classes for as long as we have a need and not limited to the Covid19 virus. We encourage all students to utilize this benefit while traveling, on vacation, or running late for what ever reason and cannot make it here in time, rather than missing or taking time off.
  • Zoom classes are the same this week. We will have in-person group classes starting Monday June 8th.
  • We can only have 25 people on the Floor and room for 8-10 on stand by so please be patient with us as we work the kinks out of this during the first week.