Chi Kung – Testimonials

Master Shover – I love the way the routines are coming together. I also love how you remind us to always feel, always practice with feelings and without thoughts. You always remind us to be a warrior, and I hear that in my head outside of class when things are hard.

What an incredible specialty chi king class! This is the one gift that I give myself. The one practice that allows me to let go, to find balance, to be reminded of simplicity in life and gain awareness of how my body is handling the pressures of “life.” As a mother of two, wife, small business owner, martial arts instructor, and full time employee with a high pressured job – CHI KUNG makes be a better person and teaches me to listen to my body and my mind. It teaches me to know when I need to accept this amazing gift and release some of these pressures. Judan Shover’s knowledge and experience in this art is such a gift to experience. Take the time for you no matter how crazy life gets! She guides you seamlessly whether virtual or in person to achieve exactly what you need.

Heartfelt thank you Sensei – for always guiding me back to center!


I want to thank you for the amazing class last night. The flow was fluid and accessible and it was truly a wonder to watch you. I feel so blessed and lucky to learn from you and practice with you. After meditation my mental state was quiet, pensive, and present. I made vegetable soup and played guitar until bed. I slept soundly and woke feeling rested. Now it’s a beautiful, cold, and sunny Saturday afternoon that i’ve spent writing and drinking tea and feeling peaceful, and I find myself reflecting on the beauty of little things.

It is a lovely state in a life full of lovely things. 
Thank you so much.

Master Shover,

It is very easy to lose track of everything as life goes on.  Chi Kung has always helped me focus and reset like nothing else ever has.  I recently started a new job, with all of the uncertainty and stress that comes with doing so.  Chi Kung didn’t act as a miracle force that cleared up that uncertainty instantly, but what it did was put me in the right mindset so that I could succeed when given the chance.  When I’ve walked out of the dojo after a Chi Kung session, my problems have been exactly the same as they were when I walked in.  However, they always seem simpler and clearer.  Chi Kung changes my outlook on the future, and as an extension of that helps me deal with problems that are not actually as complicated or urgent and stress-inducing as they usually appear to me.

Nathan, 24, Engineer

Hi Sensei,

I am still feeling the effects of the Chi Kung class! Usually after Chi Kung I feel very relaxed and happy, kind of sleepy and warm, and that usually lasts for the day and then I go about my normal week. I do tend to feel less stressed throughout the week, but this experience has been remarkably different!

During the class I fluctuated between really feeling focused and noticing that my mind was totally wandering. I was a bit annoyed with myself towards the end of class when I really wanted to bring myself back into the movements and I felt like every time I took a breath my mind jumped to some other thought. But at the end, during the guided meditation, I was able to kindly bring myself back, reminding myself that it is a practice and it takes work and time to really train the mind to still. 

I thought a lot about confidence during the class. Expelling worry and doubt to make space for new, confident energy. I think this is what really carried on after Sunday! I left the dojo feeling almost jumpy. I had planned a day to relax, but when I got home I felt so energized that I couldn’t sit still! Not a frantic kind of energy where you’re being swept away in it and you can’t put your feet down. More of a solid feeling as if I was standing on top of a huge mountain but feeling the weightlessness of the wind almost lifting me off. 

I think it’s a combination of the class coming at just the right time on the first day of spring, my intention for confidence, and the events in my life leading up to Sunday putting me in a place where I was really ready to feel energized and confident again. I’ve kept this feeling through the week. It’s easier for me to make decisions, and I don’t dwell so much on if there was a better way I should have done something. I feel awake, alert, and happy! 

Something else happened too that I haven’t quite figured out. I sort of lost my voice after class on Sunday. I had been feeling a bit of a sore throat earlier in the week but the pain in my throat had been gone for two days before Chi Kung. Right after the class, my voice totally dropped out and became very squeaky and soft. Maybe it’s from clearing all the old winter Chi out of my throat and lungs that took my voice too…its back to normal today though. 

Thank you so much for Chi Kung, Sensei, as always it was amazing. The perfect way to welcome spring!

Sara, 24, College Student, Business professional

Hey Sensei,

I really enjoyed myself Friday night. While life is such a whirl wind on my end, it really is a treat to be able to slow down and (try!) to clear my mind and take that time for myself. I found that I was very tired for the next two days, which has made me realize that, now more than ever, I need to take time for me.

Thanks for the moments!

Beth, Realtor, 44

Master Shover:

Thank you very much. Thank you for your instruction, for your love, and for your patience.

I felt wonderful last night, and relaxed and refreshed today.

I let go of so much last night. I understand better than ever what it means to let go. To let go of anger. To let go of frustration. What a gift. It IS making me a better person. A better husband. A better boss. A better man. It is sad that some people see our training as only physical and violent. But I can let that go too, and laugh.  🙂

 Dave, 52. Self-employed IT specialist


I loved the chi kung class. I felt very relaxed that evening and slept great. I feel that I since the class I have had more patience and have felt more peace. I hope it lasts! I will be excited to do another session!


Susan, 42, RN

Hi Sensei, 

Thank you for a wonderful Chi – Kung class last night. I have not been able to take one in quite some time, and I could tell immediately how beneficial the class was going to be for me. I struggle on a daily basis with anxiety and stress, and Chi Kung practice really helps me to relax and not worry about things that are out of my control. The guided meditation was fantastic as I was so in the moment and relaxed I felt as though I had “melted” into the floor.  

I am a mortgage loan officer in my day job (and a couple weeks from my 40th birthday). Instead of a midlife crisis, I feel like with my training my life is just beginning so thank you for all that you do and feel free to share this if you choose. 

Shawn, 44, Mortgage Banking

Hi Sensei,

I just wanted to send you a quick note about class last night – which was amazing!! After all that chi work I was completely worn out and had the best and longest night of sleep I can remember! Then, this morning, I saw an owl! Owls symbolize wisdom, or a person reaching out from the other world! I was asking for wisdom during the last forms practice… Thank you for all your guidance.

Love, Sara

Good Afternoon Sensei,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in continuing to teach through the pandemic. The move to weekly chi kung classes and the zoom Kempo classes have made a profound impact on my mental and physical health in the past few months. 

The Chi Kung in particular has been such a joy for me. My housemate and I have been coming every week, and I have been bringing it into my daily awareness. I have gained some significant insights into myself in this past year and being able to focus on my energy practice recently has been so healing for me. I am working on this pretty massive blockage in my left shoulder up my neck, but for the most part I have actually managed to loosen up significantly. Having the balance of the internal martial arts involved has helped inform not just my Kempo practice, but also my skiing, my musicianship, and my emotional stability.

Just wanted to extend my gratitude. Thank you for class this morning, and your continued teachings.