Main Studio – S. Burlington & Instructors

The South Burlington location is our main studio. Here you have access to Judan Shover and Chief Master Duffy’s Kempo Karate classes, Chi Kung, and dozens of special events throughout the year.

We have a 6000 sqft facility and an open 1300 sqft dojo floor. Call or email for more information.

  • 802-864-0844

Our Instructors:

Judan Laurie Shover, 10th Dan

Judan Laurie Shover IS Villari’s Self-Defense & Wellness Center

She has been training in Shaolin Kempo since 1975. Judan Shover started her journey in the Ed Parker and Tracy Kenpo systems under (now) Grandmaster Steve Shover and earned her first-degree black belt under the late GM Ed Parker. She joined Great Grandmaster Villari in 1981 opening the first Villari’s Studio in Burlington VT. She has survived and evolved in a once male dominated industry and proved herself to be an equal in their eyes. Her mission is to give other women her strength to be more than they are, the ability to defend themselves, and the hope that they do not have to walk in fear ever again. Awareness and continued training is the key and she hopes that all women – moms, daughters, sisters, doctors, nurses, lawyers, business owners, – walk in and start making a difference now and change the future one woman at a time. 2017 was an important year or her career filled with significant milestones!

Promoted to 10th degree, Judan
Earned her Masters in Tibetin Energy & Qigong (medicinal Chinese medicine)
Inducted into the Gathering of Eagles Kempo Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Footnote – Judan Shover is ranked in the top 10 of Great Grandmaster Villari’s students out of many multiple thousands that are currently training to this day.

Master Darrel Duffy, 8th Dan

Chief Master Darrel Duffy is Judan Shover’s most faithful and loyal student!

He started his journey with, then 6th degree master Laurie Shover, because he needed to change up his normal blah routine of life, but little did he know how much of a change he was in for. He has served the communities for over ten years as a volunteer firefighter, eight years as a VT Air National Guardsman, and thousands of volunteer hours for local charities. Not only does he share Judan Shover’s dream and goal for women, but his mission is to teach boys to men that we need to change the way we look, talk, and treat women. Together we can pave the way to equality one punch and kick at a time.

Master Taylor Duffy, 5th Dan

Taylor is wise beyond her years most likely because she has lived the life of a martial artist since she could crawl. She has been training since 2003, grew up in leadership, and now gives back to each and everyone one of the kids here. She has a unique way of reaching out and bonding with the kids so they feel welcome and accepted.