Testing for Rank

When you first walk into our dojo, you will notice that various students wear different colored belts and you may wonder why. Out of respect to our traditional martial arts heritage, we use colored belts to denote accomplishment and mastery of skill. As you move forward in your training, you like thousands of students before you, will be allowed to wear a colored belt that symbolizes the level of your achievement.

Within 6 – 8 weeks of joining you will be invited to your first belt test. After demonstrating your skill in several of the many basic techniques that you will already have learned, you will be awarded your first rank, the yellow belt. With each colored belt you will also receive a certificate of promotion that is recognized everywhere.

The Testing Procedure

Each test has a specific number of techniques to learn and skills to achieve. Your instructor, upon watching your progress, will invite you to the next scheduled testing when he feels that you are ready. In the beginning, you will find that your belt tests are scheduled closer together and are shorter in length. As you get further along and your knowledge and skill increases, your belt tests will be further apart and will take longer to complete. All tests are held in complete safety under the personal direction of a chief instructor. A minimal fee is charged for testing which covers the instructor’s time, a new belt, and a certificate of promotion upon successful completion of the test. Extra sessions are available prior to posted test dates to ensure success.