I wanted to send you a quick note to say I think you did a fantastic job organizing and executing today’s tournament.  I think having the black belts go between the others’ forms and sparring was a great decision.  And the speed and proficiency with which your ringmasters and judges moved things along speak very well for the training they’ve received.
A standing ovation from the Sonnick household.
Rock on,

Sensei, Master Duffy & Miss Duffy,
Thank you so much for a fantastic tournament. Thank you again for all that the martial arts has brought my family. I simply cannot believe how much Jacob especially has benefitted from your teachings. Friday night he was not thrilled about competing however I made it clear he was. He came out to me to review his form and asked for some sparring pointers after that. The confidence he had getting up in front of two Judan ranked leaders to both do his newly learned form in 6 kata as well as spar with confidence is something that as a student I admire, but as a parent simply have no words to express how much gratitude I have.  The most rewarding part was having different folks come up to me and ask “what got into Jacob” and this my thanks for all you do. 

Martial arts is not about the strikes and winning medals. The winning in seeing progress, growth and students that truly care about each other as was very present yesterday is what it is all about.   
– Paul

Kids Testimonials Ages 7-14

Erich R – Respect everybody. This has helped me focus more
Brendan W – Likes to keep things quiet and not be a show off, yet be confident
Gage L – No longer afraid. I am strong enough to stick up for myself and my friends
Avry O – Helped me to focus
Camden R – To focus
Cal S – How to try hard and not be sloppy
Payton T – To defend myself
Eli B – To respect your Sensei and those older than you
Aiden G – To be stealthy
Angus S – Tenacity and strength
Katie B – Respect
Jake G – To believe in yourself
Caitlin W – Self-confidence – no longer afraid of bullies
Brandon W – Responsibility and Respect
Avery T – Balance within yourself
Grant T – Not to be afraid
Austin G – Respect
Jared K – To be fast
Jessie K – Courage
Ben C – Respect, courage, and how to protect yourself
Gunner S – Always have a choice – to defend yourself or avoid the circumstance
Anya S – Always be confident and never give up
Ali R – To believe in yourself and push yourself to the limit
Grady O – Never give up
Cooper O – It taught me how to live my life & How to be safe

General Testimonials

Thank you again for class last night – it was just what I needed!  February has been a stressful month for me due to some issues at work I’ve been handling and I haven’t been making it to class as much as I know I need to.  I was pretty drained and frustrated from a rough day when I showed up last night – the drills were perfect for me to get that angry/irritated energy out of my body!  I felt so much lighter, peaceful, and more relaxed after class and I slept the best I have all month long – thanks so much. I’m sore today, so I know I worked hard!
– Blackbelt Student – Feb 27, 2020

Thank you for Chi Kung class. I was nervous about coming because I have never participated in anything like that before but you made me feel welcome and eased any nervousness I had. My goal going into the class was to learn breathing techniques to calm anxieties that I get from stress due to job, kids, life. After the class that night I felt a sense of calm and peacefulness. I have used the techniques every day to relieve any stress that I feel. I am very excited in coming to classes every month to learn more.
Thank you so much, J.P.

Master Shover,
I love coming to this class. I always feel great for the next few days following. It makes me feel level headed and calm when i leave. Thank you, P.T.

Mr. Duffy,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your commitment to working with youth, particularly those students who may need extra support. You are a positive role model and your work provides a healthy alternative to the negative influences that kids are so frequently exposed to. I have seen a huge improvement in my son’s discipline, motivation, and overall well being since beginning his training. Your lesson last week on stress relief was exactly what he needed. I look forward to continuing our work together and sincerely thank you. -D.C.