Kids Testimonials Ages 7-14

Erich R – Respect everybody. This has helped me focus more
Brendan W – Likes to keep things quiet and not be a show off, yet be confident
Gage L – No longer afraid. I am strong enough to stick up for myself and my friends
Avry O – Helped me to focus
Camden R – To focus
Cal S – How to try hard and not be sloppy
Payton T – To defend myself
Eli B – To respect your Sensei and those older than you
Aiden G – To be stealthy
Angus S – Tenacity and strength
Katie B – Respect
Jake G – To believe in yourself
Caitlin W – Self-confidence – no longer afraid of bullies
Brandon W – Responsibility and Respect
Avery T – Balance within yourself
Grant T – Not to be afraid
Austin G – Respect
Jared K – To be fast
Jessie K – Courage
Ben C – Respect, courage, and how to protect yourself
Gunner S – Always have a choice – to defend yourself or avoid the circumstance
Anya S – Always be confident and never give up
Ali R – To believe in yourself and push yourself to the limit
Grady O – Never give up
Cooper O – It taught me how to live my life & How to be safe

General Testimonials

Thank you for Chi Kung class. I was nervous about coming because I have never participated in anything like that before but you made me feel welcome and eased any nervousness I had. My goal going into the class was to learn breathing techniques to calm anxieties that I get from stress due to job, kids, life. After the class that night I felt a sense of calm and peacefulness. I have used the techniques every day to relieve any stress that I feel. I am very excited in coming to classes every month to learn more.
Thank you so much, J.P.

Master Shover,
I love coming to this class. I always feel great for the next few days following. It makes me feel level headed and calm when i leave. Thank you, P.T.

Mr. Duffy,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your commitment to working with youth, particularly those students who may need extra support. You are a positive role model and your work provides a healthy alternative to the negative influences that kids are so frequently exposed to. I have seen a huge improvement in my son’s discipline, motivation, and overall well being since beginning his training. Your lesson last week on stress relief was exactly what he needed. I look forward to continuing our work together and sincerely thank you. -D.C.