Dojo Rules

Rules and Customs of the School

  • Respect should be shown to your instructors and training space by bowing before stepping onto the training area and upon greeting your instructor. On the same note, it’s important to thank your instructor after class. They put a great deal of energy into creating a safe and effective training environment.
  • There is to be no food or candy allowed within the studio. There is to be no gum chewing during classes.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the studio or within 50 feet of the front and back doors.
  • Outside shoes must always be removed before entering the workout area.
  • Vulgarity and boisterous behavior are prohibited.
  • Students teaching others new material is prohibited without approval from an instructor.
  • Anyone that is caught stealing will be immediately discharged from the school after appropriate disciplinary actions are taken. We have a special honor system in the Martial Arts; we will not permit anyone to defile this system.
  • The studio is not responsible for any valuables left in the changing rooms. When changing rooms become crowded at peak times it is possible for articles to get misplaced or even taken by mistake. Therefore, we request that all students leave valuables at home, in their cars, or in the office.
  • Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to class. This time should be used for clearing up matters with the office, taking care of class payments, and changing into Gi’s. Everyone must sign in before class begins.
  • No jewelry is to be worn when taking any classes in order to protect yourself and others against possible injury.
  • Gi’s (Uniforms) are mandatory after becoming a member and must be purchased through the studio.
  • Students must attend classes wearing a clean gi. You will be working out along with many other students and those not abiding by this rule may be singled out and dismissed from class.
  • As a student, you have the privilege of working out at the studio any time during our operating hours. However, any group or private classes which are scheduled must take priority. From time to time during peak, private, or group lesson times, you may be requested to work out in specific areas within the school.
  • Any student who purposely instigates a fight either inside the studio or out on the street will be dismissed.
  • When lessons are in progress all students should show courtesy to the student(s) taking the lesson by working out as quietly as possible. Watching others’ lessons is not allowed. Instead, improve your ability by practicing your own material.
  • Always walk behind the class in progress whether it is a private or a group class. Never walk in front of the instructor during any sessions.
  • Kneel down while putting on or removing your belt! This should be done in the main Dojo while facing the flag. Belts should be worn only during practice.
  • There should be no sitting on the floor in the main Dojo; your free time should be devoted to practice.
  • Keep track of the bulletin board, front counter, and windows to keep abreast of all notices and events.
  • You are responsible for the health of your partner during workouts. Respect is a two way street; to get respect, you must respect others as well.

Dojo Safety

We have gone to great lengths to make our programs among the safest in the nation. Therefore, it is important that all students follow the guidance of the instructor and exercise proper control when working on techniques or sparring. To further eliminate the possibility of injury, protective groin cups are mandatory for all male students during all class workouts. In addition, safety equipment is mandatory for all sparring classes.

Required safety equipment will consist of safety for the hands, feet, mouth guard, cup, supporter, and headgear. Optional equipment, though not required, includes shin protectors, rib guard, protective bra for female students, and forearm guards as needed. Bag gloves are also recommended when a student begins a heavy bag practice.

Due to the extensive range in colors, styles, and sizes, these items are not stocked but will be ordered to your size and preference. If there are any questions concerning equipment or regulations, please contact any instructor.

Following the above guidelines will ensure a safe and enjoyable workout for all.