Pre-Teen Warriors

Pre-Teen/Teen 9-13

Personal note: our staff has been or has had a teen here.

We take great pride in our teens here since most of them started with us in our children’s program. Classes are always fun, exciting, and goal oriented so that being a teen, at least here, can be more enjoyable. Our teen leadership program, “Reaching Others”, teaches our teens how to give back to the Martial Arts by helping in our children’s classes and in our communities.

Many organizations over the years including The Howard Center, Pine Ridge School, and Center Point, have come to us to help their teens be more productive, confident, and respectful. We teach them personal safety and how that relates to a strong body and mind as they grow into more mature teens.

“When you learn to respect yourself and treat yourself as sacred, you will respect all things and know all things are sacred.”

Great Grand Master Villari

We have an exercise program designed to release stress and increase focus. We encourage a “never quit” attitude for all. Whether or not they are active in sports, this will help them have better concentration, hand-eye-body-coordination, flexibility, and patience. Over the years many teens have used us as their High School Graduation Challenge Program or for Phys. Ed credits.

Athletes with discipline:
– Live longer
– Live better
– Are physically stronger
– Believe that discipline in their lives helped them earn 40% more money than those that do not have discipline.

Personal confidence and self-esteem impacts every area of your daily life. How you feel about yourself is how other people are going to feel about you.

For any teen, our program helps them BECOME what they WANT to become.