Adult Program

Adults: Men & Women

Learning the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate will enhance the way you live and give you a greater feeling about an exercise program than you have ever experienced before. Not only will you feel healthy and be healthier but you will want to stay healthy. Whether you’re in shape or not we will teach you in a way that will gradually improve your physical and mental abilities. We have removed the age old military drill sergeant force that has been associated with learning the ways of the martial arts for years. Our instructors have been in your place before and we all know what the martial arts has given us. That is why we are still here enjoying and sharing in all the moments. We teach you to focus on yourself so you can take the time to become stronger, to develop more energy, and hone the skills that will enhance your everyday life. With this, you will become more successful and realize your goals.

Our students have shown to have more ambition and drive to learn personal safety for healthier and happier lives. We all share the wish to never get mugged, or if we do, to know what to do in that situation.

Do you remember the day when you did not have to lock your doors? In the 50’s there was virtually no crime and no home invasion. Do you remember the TV show Happy Days? Fast forward to today … BOOM… it is like a different world.

“Sometimes, in the martial arts, you get a student who keeps changing styles and really doesn’t focus on a style. This is not the proper way to learn. Some say, he’s like the wasp, flying around, tasting all of the flowers.”

Learn how to have a chance. In our classes you’ll gain awareness and strength and you will become empowered. Having knowledge is so important and to practice it so it will be there when needed. Not only are our classes fun and challenging at the same time, but through exertion, toxins will be released, stamina will increase, you will learn proper breathing and body movements that will energize you for days. Our students live very happy, successful lives because of the discipline of the martial arts in their life.