Black Belts

The program for our Black Belts consists of an extensive physical workout that is always motivating and challenging. There is never a class or work out that is the same. Our Black Belts work hard to be healthy and positive with a drive to become better than they were yesterday. Because of their extensive training they are ranked amongst the best in the country. We have Black Belts living all over the country who, through loyalty, expertise and commitment, remain in contact with us and train via teleconference.

Transforming from first degree to becoming a Master or even Grandmaster is our universal goal. That is why our classes teach that there is no end. This is a way of life, not just a rank. As time passes we grow and change like the seasons. If we live long enough to become a Grand Master it is because we will never quit. Anyone can train to become a Black Belt but not everyone perseveres through the good and the bad that comes with the training. It is not easy but very rewarding, mentally amazing, and spiritually profound. We are honored to have such a wonderful Dojo filled with all colors of ranks that share a common goal of becoming a Shaolin Kempo Black Belt.You can not get to a Black Belt if you do not start with a white belt.With the hard training and discipline of our classes we have seen dreams come true and miracles happen.We are the Yin and Yang of Life.

One important step of becoming a Black Belt is reflecting on your training. Please visit our Black Belt Reflections page.

“Theory without practice is like a cloud without rain”

Gems of the Orient