Chi Kung

“Exhale, The River Within”

Judan Shover’s rendition of Grand Master Villari’s Chi Kung/Wu Chi

The trinity of creation is breathing, concentration, and silence”

GG Master Villari

This is recommended for all martial artist, non-martial artist, or any person whether teen, adult or elderly that may want to learn a better way of life.

You will learn a way to increase your energy, when practicing Chi Kung, by using certain breathing methods to develop the Chi in ones body. There are different breathing methods you should develop and practice to improve your health in life. The Chi can be used for fighting or for healing oneself if you develop it properly.

Chi (Vital Energy) Translated as air, breath, and/or energy.
Wu-Chi (Standing Meditations) Translated as the Yin to Energy
Chi Kung (Skill exercises) To cultivate and control Chi for health, longevity, and spiritual enlightenment.

By using your mind and breath, as well as, to put your body into certain postures and movements, it is possible to stimulate and direct the vital energy throughout your body. Unlike rigorous and exhaustive exercise programs of the west, the soft flowing movements of Shaolin stimulate the vital flow of energy and direct it throughout the body where it is needed. You will be able to think, imagine, breathe, direct, and will your vital force to any area you wish and when you can control your vital energy you also control your mind, body, and spirit.

“If you follow the River in life, you will always find source”

GG Master Villari


Chi Kung/Wu Chi it is a very exciting program not to be taken lightly and there is a lot to learn. In “Exhale, The River Within” my classes are for the novice to the advance. You will after the first class have learned movements that stimulate your body, relax your mind, release toxins, and create an awareness of oneself. As one of the best exercises there is, you will strengthen and relax your body at the same time, heighten your memory, and enhance your focus for days after. You will open lifelines/meridians, direct energy to your internal organs, and strengthen you muscular and skeletal systems.

Think of it, you have learned to control your mind, body, and spirit. This is not only an ancient Tibetan and Chinese art; this is a gift of knowledge and power. The greatest of powers is to control oneself, release stress, and be at peace with your mind. Master Villari has explained how the Chi, the vital energy, affects your health, beauty, fitness, happiness and ultimately controls your destiny. This is the first power…The River Within.

Classes are always open to everyone who wishes to learn with us. We have new people, from doctors and lawyers to teachers and stay at home parents, starting classes with us all the time. Isn’t it time that you explore what you are made of?

Thank you to G.M. Villari for his knowledge and to allow me to help others to live the way of the Shaolin.

More About Chi Kung

A Core belief of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that all living systems have an innate ability to harmonize themselves with their environment. One issue facing people in our society that can upset this state of harmony and balance is information overload. Trying to absorb and digest too much information can cause a variety of symptoms, from insomnia and TMJ to hypertension and indigestion. Also, the “soup” of magnetic and electrical fields that we are surrounded with–cell phones, watches, microwaves, and computers can disrupt our own unique electromagnetic energy fields and the healthy functioning of our bodies.

Thousands of years old, Chi Kung acknowledges the infinite wisdom of the mind-body. Everyone has self-healing ability through easy movement and meditation. Chi Kung practitioners are able to access this self-healing ability to balance and strengthen chi(life energy), reduce stress, and build a stronger immune system.

Laurie Shover, Master Instructor/practitioner in Chi Kung
10th Degree Black Belt – Shaolin Kempo Karate
Owner Villari’s Self Defense and Wellness Ctr.

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