Warrior Kids

Children 4-8

Make sure your child gets personal safety training to be healthier, safer, and smarter.

Our classes will be challenging and fun while teaching the tradition of Shaolin Kempo Karate. Children here will learn sportsmanship and confidence while improving hand eye coordination in a positive environment, as well as, learning life safety skills and awareness incase they are faced with a dangerous situation. We teach them to want to do their best in school, have self-respect, and respect for others as they become stronger and smarter. We have over 40 years of success stories from former students who say Villari’s has made them who they are today.

“When we are young we are held by time, in old age, we are devoured by it”

Great Grand Master Villari

We work with them on everything from bully situations and sharing to dealing with stressful areas of their lives. We promote a DO NOT QUIT attitude and help them learn to make healthy choices for their body and their mind. This will all be done in a way that also teaches them not to use the martial arts negatively. Give your child a gift that they will never forget and will be forever rewarding.”1.8 million of the 22.3 million adolescents in the United States have been sexually assaulted.” Child Lures of Vermont