Let us start by saying, as parents we understand if you or your child is not ready for a night away from home, yet. That is why your child can choose to come to the party only and leave early without staying overnight. At the party the kids hang out casually with games we provide such as twister, charades, bowling for instructors, and tug of warrior. We choose to have socially interactive games and NO video gaming devices are allowed. After diner we have obstacle courses for activity and fun. This always provides lots of laughs and helps comfort the nerves of the little ones. We wind down with snacks, a movie and “non-bad dream inducing” bed time stories. The fun ends the next day after breakfast and clean up time which prepares the dojo for another day of training. Usual drop off time is 4 pm and pick up time is 8:30 a.m., but always double check for time changes.

Items needed for overnight stays include:
1. Sleeping bag
2. Pillow
3. Toothbrush/paste
4. Pajamas
5. Clean clothes
6. Teddy bear or other
7. Slippers
8. Medications
9. Special foods/drinks(if you have allergies)
10. Gi/gear
11. Flashlight

Some of our party celebrations include
– Halloween
– New Years
– Fuzzy slippers celebration
– Spring celebration

These parties are so much fun for the children, as well as the instructors. That’s why we have been doing them for over 20 years. Parents get to enjoy an evening for themselves, knowing that their child/children are in a safe and trusted environment. Former and current students alike have expressed that the sleepover parties we hold have given them some of their fondest memories of the Dojo.

“Have fun, laugh, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”