We are excited to announce that the Competition Season is upon us. We have started practices for the Competition Team. Below you will find information regarding practice and workshop dates as well as tournament information.

Team Expectations

  • You are required to stay at the tournaments all day unless you receive prior permissions from Judan Shover.
  • You are required to let one of the coaches know when you are leaving the tournament.
  • If your child is competing you are required to be with them throughout the day. we are not responsible for them.
  • Sparring gear is required including hand, foot, mouth, and groin protection. Shin guards are optional in most cases. Check the tournament rules for more information.
  • Please register for all events through the dojo ahead of time. Mr. Perry and Mr. Stringer will communicate registration information to you as needed.
  • If you plan to compete in forms please schedule a forms review with one of the instructors.

Tournament Schedule 2023



Sparring is a form of training common to many martial arts. Although the precise form varies, it is essentially ‘free-form’ sparring competition, with enough rules, customs, or agreements to make injuries unlikely. In martial arts sparring, one exhibits all the same physical offensive and defensive moves as in a real fight, except without trying to inflict serious harm. In competition there are rules and target areas to strike at with control to win by cumulative points.


Forms consist of Pinons and Katas. Pinon (Pinion) translates to standing restraints and ground immobilizations. Kata translates to formalized exercises or, set routines of movement both offensive and defensive against imaginary attackers. In real life, Pinon’s and Kata’s are extremely useful because they can be made to reflect authentic contemporary fighting situations, but by themselves they are not enough to create an effective fighter. Kata’s develop speed, coordination, balance, power and precision. They can improve technique, build endurance and occupy a center of the mind that can create an active state of meditation.


Some students put together martial art skits to music and/or perform with martial arts weapons. These demonstrations are often thrilling for others to see. They provide a creative outlet for the participating students.